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   Participation in the Hands Across the Sand 

Event on Sunset Beach Island on May 20, 2017

     Thanks to the efforts of Kristen Colleran and the Indivisible Warrior Women group, Southwest Brunswick County sponsored its own Hands Across the Sand event this year. This year marked the 7th international Hands Across the Sand, and events occurred throughout the United States and world.


     BEAT was proud to support this event, and many BEAT members were among the 100 or so individuals who held hands and stretched themselves along a wide expanse of Sunset Beach Island. This was the largest Hands Across the Sand gathering on the East Coast!


     As event organizers stated, “It is a critical time for our oceans and environment, it is time we end climate change for good! We can only do this by organizing, joining hands, taking pictures / drone videos of thousands of people around the world standing in silent solidarity to say NO to filthy fuels and YES to clean energy!" 

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