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(Held at Hickman’s Crossroads Library,

1040 Calabash Road, Calabash, NC) 

April 26, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Dr. Richard Hilderman. 


The meeting began with Neil Gilbert thanking the following:

                    * Hickman's Crossroads Library for hosting today's meeting.

                    * Laura Lewis of the Brunswick Beacon for her continuing excellent coverage.

                    * Trista Talton for her excellent article in yesterday's Coastal Review Online


Neil then introduced Dr. Richard Hilderman. Dr. Hilderman went around the room and asked all of the attendees to introduce themselves, say where they were from, and why they were interested in the new environmental group. There were 35 attendees representing 10 different communities throughout Brunswick County. Everyone was well spoken and passionate about protecting our beautiful environment in Brunswick County.




Dr. Hilderman spoke about the need to form a Board of Directors. He would like to see a representative from each town on the Board. If interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please respond to this message by hitting REPLY ALL. That way Dr. Hilderman will get your response and be able to keep tabs on those who are interested. In your response please say who you are, what town you represent. and why you are interested in serving on the BEAT Board.




Ted Janes of Sunset Beach clarified the difference between a Mission Statement and a Vision Statement. Our Mission Statement should reflect why we are a group while the Vision Statement states our goals and objectives. Gary Merritt and Ted Janes will be working on the Mission Statement to present at our next meeting.




Numerous ideas were shared by the group about how we can grow our group. Everything from contacting all the various social media outlets in Brunswick County to staffing a booth at all the County festivals are just a few ways we can spread the word of BEAT. We have to remind people that we are a group that marches to a different BEAT.




* Lora Sharkey of Southport spoke of all the good work her group "Coastal Water Watch" does for the area and she spoke of the need for collaboration between groups. Lora also mentioned their Southport NatureFest that will be held this Saturday in Southport.


* Jan Harris of the now defunct Sunset Beach Environmental Resource Committee gave an update on the proposed dredging of Jinks Creek.




* We agreed that our meetings should be held on the same day of the month. It was decided the 4th Wednesday of the month as the date we will establish for now.

* We agreed that meetings should be held at different starting times. We need to have evening meetings as well so our young and working members can participate.

* We agreed that the meetings should be held at different locations throughout the County so one area is not always having to travel a greater distance.


Wednesday, May 24 at 10:00 AM .

3 Possible Locations: Brunswick Electric Corporation Building, Brunswick Community College, and Hickman’s Crossroads Library.



Attached is a membership directory of the 87 people who have signed up to be members of BEAT. Since all of my mass mailings are done by way of blind copy, if there is somebody in the group that you want to contact, the Directory should help. Please download the Directory and let me know what changes or additions need to be made.


Neil Gilbert

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