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(Held at Brunswick Electric Corporation Building,

795 Ocean Highway West, Supply, NC) 

April 26, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Dwight Willis.

In Attendance: General Membership, Dwight Willis, Ted Janes, Jan Harris, Dan George, Pete Key. Total Attendance 34

Following the attached agenda:

Opening Comments:

  • Dwight opened the meeting with general comments covering the major events of the past year.

    • See Attached Agenda

  • Jan took the podium and covered the events and activities that we will partake in over the next year.

    • The BEAT Environmental Report Card

    • May  21st County Commissioners Meeting

    • Rocking Democracy at Sunset Beach Park.

    • Hands Across the Sand, Saturday, May 19th.

    • Monitor and influence Gen-X progress

    • Monitor and advocate for the Brown Sites at Navassa

    • Monitor the Jinks Creek project

  • Awards Presentation

    • Randy Sturgill, Distinguished Friend of BEAT

    • Randy Thompson, County Commissioner, Friend of the Environment

  • Treasurer’s Report given by Jan Harris

    • Teddy Altruder made a motion that we accept the report and Rosemary D’Ettore ( (585) 704-1085 seconded it.

  • Ted Janes presented the the By-laws to the membership for approval.

    • Motion was made to add business to personal, governmental. Dwight seconded it. The motion was passed unanimously by the membership.

    • Ted requested a motion to approve the by-laws.

    • There was a question about indemnification. Will it apply to lawsuits? The answer is yes.

    • Question was asked what is in the harassment policy. Can we summarize it. Ted read the opening section and then clarified that there is a specific process we approach and document.

    • There was a question about the need for the by-laws and their support of the 501(c)(3) status.

    • Ted again called for a motion to approve the by-laws. George Yu moved to accept them and Mike McGlauflin seconded. The motion passed the membership unanimously.

  • Dan George presented the slate of members that have volunteered to serve on the board.

    • Introduction to the purpose of the board.

    • Introduction of the candidates and a short statement by each about why they volunteered.

    • Requested a motion to include the student member of the board. Mike McGlauflin motioned, and George Wong seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

    • Teddy Altrueder spoke and entreated the group to add some names of females to the ballot.

    • Pete Key piggybacked that and included the request that we strive to become a more inclusive and diverse organization.

    • Greg Weiss asked a question about how members are nominated to the board after the election. Ted Janes answered these questions referencing the by-laws.

    • Dan requested a motion that we accept the slate of nine members. Vicki Sturgill motioned that we accept them. Marilyn Priddy seconded and the membership passed them unanimously.

  • The Membership then broke out into committees to choose chairs and set meeting times.

    • Climate Change

    • Land Protection         

    • Water Protection

    • Waste Management

    • Environmental Education                             

    • Event and Fundraising Committee

  • The membership was dismissed as they completed the goals of the committees.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.

Brunswick Environmental Action Team

Annual Meeting, Agenda April 26th, 2018


Welcome and Introduction – Dr. Dwight Willis


Review the Accomplishments of our First Year – Dr. Dwight Willis


What is in our Future – Jan Harris (Charter Member)


Vote/Approve the By-laws – Ted Janes


Vote to Elect the Board – Dan George, Acting Interim Vice-Chairperson


Committee Assignments – Pete Key, Acting Interim Chairperson

  • Climate Change

  • Land Protection

  • Water Protection

  • Waste Management

  • Environmental Education         

  • Event and Fundraising Committee


Break Out into Committees

Break Out Goals

  1. Get to know each other

  2. Select a Chair

  3. Set a Schedule

  4. Chair reports back to board prior to dismissal



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