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(Held at Brunswick Electric Corporation Building,

795 Ocean Highway West, Supply, NC) 

April 30, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Pete Key.

In Attendance:


Pete Key, Dan George, Tom Goodwin, Ted Janes, Joe Leary, Mike McGlauflin, Dwight Willis

Approval of Minutes:


The Minutes were read and approved. 

New Business:

  • Dr. Gerald Donaldson sent an email requesting we accept his resignation. We discussed the issue. We motioned that we give him access to the bylaws and amendments and a second chance. Dwight made the motion, Don seconded, unanimous in favor. 

  • Pete opened the floor to discuss the selection of the Officers of the Board of Directors.

    • Dwight proposed Tom Goodwin as the Treasurer, Dan seconded, unanimous in favor. Tom accepted.

    • President – Joe Leary nominated Pete Key, Tom Goodwin seconded, unanimous in favor,

    • Recording Secretary – Dwight nominated Mike McGlauflin, Joe seconded, unanimous in favor.

    • Vice President – Dwight nominated Dan George, Tom Goodwin seconded, unanimous in favor.

    • Webmaster – Dwight proposed to make Greg Weiss the Official Webmaster, Dan seconded. The motion to ask Greg if he will agree to serve as an Ex-Officio.

  • Ex-members.

    • Old Board members need to relinquish their authority and the symbols of it. This includes the admin privileges to the Facebook page. All current board members are Admins of the page. Pete made the motion to accept the above, Dwight seconded, unanimous in favor.

  • Diversity- needs to be on the radar. Mike asked why the folks from the Navassa aren’t involved. Dwight explained our history with them. They are still not sold on us. “Where have y’all been for the last forty years while we’ve been dying.”

  • Ex-Officio members:

    • Jennifer Swift – From Little River - not a Brunswick Native. Four-term County Commissioner, Chair of the Commission all four years. Pete moved that we make her an ex-officio Board member, Dan seconded, unanimous in favor.

    • May need to later discuss how many ex-officio members we can have.

  • Decision of the Board on a meeting time. Pete proposed the last Monday of the month at 6:30pm at BEMC if available. That was accepted unanimously.

  • Delco Methyl Bromide, Find when the meeting is. We will push out some FB Ads to the Northwest, Sandy Creek and Compass Pointe communities. We need Talking Points and the Links. Hearing Date May 3rd, 7:00pm Acme/Delco Middle School. for details.

  • Discussion of the need for a robust Events Committee.

  • Indemnity Insurance. Tom and Joe will talk to their HOA’s about the coverage. Tom will also talk to Coastal Insurance and get back to the board.

  • 501(c)(3), Pete will continue to pursue this week and call Dwight for financing.

Next Meeting:

May 21st, 2018 6:30pm BEMC Meeting Center

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