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BEAT Meeting Minutes

December 10th, 2018


Meeting called to order by Pete Key


In Attendance: Pete Key, Dwight Willis, Tom Goodwin, Neil Gilbert, Teddy Altreuder, Jennifer Swift, Randy Sturgill (Oceana)


  • We need to finalize the W-9 request from Oceana. (This was done today 12/13/18)

  • Create a Push for folks to attend the Dec. 17th County Commissioners meeting.

  • Need to call for members to email and call Rouzer over seismic

    • Record how many times he’s been asked for a meeting and how many times he declines or ignores.

  • There was a letter signed by 90 congressmen that opposes offshore seismic. Rouzer was asked to sign it but he ignored all requests.

    •  Jones, Price, Butterfield, Adams all signed on for NC.

  • We need to blast out the news of the law suit filed in Charleston, SC on Tuesday.

    • We need mainland support as well for share with any contact in Charlotte, Raleigh, Asheville areas.

  • We need members to write and submit 200-word op-ed pieces to The Beacon, The State Port Pilot, Charlotte Observer, Durham News & Observer, The Durham Herald-Sun, Star News, Raleigh News & Observer.

    • Might need to offer some ghost-written op-eds that allow folks to personalize.

  • Reach out to Beth Markesinko about how much their billboards were. Who to Contact?

  • Check with Papers mentioned above on ad pricing for Non-Profits.

  • Contact local Chambers of Commerce and show them the SC Small Business Chambers' Opposition announcement. Share with them the impacts Offshore Seismic and Drilling on Tourism. The Threat is real for 570,000 people employed in Tourism and $2.5 Billion in NC GDP.

  • Research Potential Movie Theaters to show Sonic Seas. Randy has the rights to show. Jan 24 or 31st potential dates at 2pm and 4pm.

    • Amuzu in SPT, Surf Cinema in SPT, BEMC, BCC

  • Randy will share “3 Things You Can Do” links for us to share in FB.


Next Meeting:

Date | time: Jan. 28th, 6:00pm BEMC

Pete Key

BEAT President

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