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Dr. Larry Cahoon Presentation:

"Inside the GenX Problem" on December 18, 2017

Dr. Larry Cahoon, Professor of Biology and Marine Biology at UNCW, gave a wonderful presentation on "Inside the GenX Problem" to a packed house at BEMC on Monday evening, December 18th. He described the background of the GenX issue, explained clearly what GenX is, and did not camouflage its danger. "It's toxic. It's corrosive." He explained why more studies are needed and what is now occurring, but he made clear that right now we should not be accepting any amount in our water. The amount that has been discovered in the Cape Fear River may sound very small, but it is enough to affect every cell in our body if we consume even one liter of water a day. Cahoon also detailed DuPont's failure to report the discharge until long after the fact. He said it is important to contact state representatives and officials to ensure all of this does not get swept under the rug.

Click on the button for a videotape

of Dr. Cahoon's presentation.

Plus, read about the presentation from two of the area's best writers:

Laura Lewis of The Brunswick Beacon

Trista Talton of Coastal Review Online

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