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BEAT Meeting Minutes

July 30, 2018


The meeting was called to order by Pete Key.


In Attendance: Dan Greorge, Jennifer Swift, Dwight Willis, Pete Key,


Approval of Minutes: The minutes were read from the  June meeting and approved.

Old Business:

  • Due to the low attendance at the last meeting we are covering the issues from June again this month.

  • Liability Insurance

    • Tom said, Coastal Insurance couldn’t find anyone that would cover us. BBT offered two plans $500-$1500/yr… Applications need to be submitted. We really don’t need event insurance but we need to be covered to indemnify the board members against individual claims. We need to possibly find a benefactor to pick up the cost such as The Bacon Foundation. Pete Sent The Policy to Ted so he can review it.

  • Dues

    • $10 Dues? Need a membership role. Meghan volunteered to segregate the spreadsheet. The only members we have are the ones who paid so far. Jennifer, “Put out a message that membership dues are due at the next meeting.” Check off. We need a Paypal Account to make collecting dues.

  • 501c3 discussion, including Do’s and Dont’s We read over the 501c3 Do’s and Dont’s as a training session.

  • Jink's Creek Dredging Campaign, Rent the Planetarium and have Hilderman to speak. Corbin, Cerrato are for it, Jan is against. The Planetarium was too much money. The library was the fall back location. We have a member working to set up the event. This will be an educational event for the town of Sunset Beach. Richard Hilderman, Ted, and Jan will put the meeting together. If we get forty people we can get a kayak tour donated. We need Greg to post links to Hildermans Jenks Creek series. Dwight would like to invite the mayors, council members and other leaders even from the Brunswick County coast. We need to have a stand alone meeting. Dr. Hilderman will make the call on the date. We need to first have an awareness session/meeting. Then we can plan a kayak event. A motion was made to free up Ted, Neil, Jan and Richard to plan this event.  Pete will email Richard Hilderman to let him know to connect with Ted, Jan and Neil.

  • Malec Brothers Update: The DEQ has put the Delco project on hold and are now reviewing all similar permits granted in the state of NC. We were able to make an impact on this issue by informing the leadership of Brunswick County about the importance of this issue and was able to assist the Friends Against Methyl Bromide in overturning this issue.

  • Commissioners Meeting Campaign

    • Are we going to do anything with this. Martha Johnson, of the indivisible group, has been active in this effort and has asked BEAT to get involved.

  • Straws Campaign

    • Waste Committee has met with other groups. Jennifer, Is very versed in the issue. What are the schools doing on the issue to educate the kids about avoiding straws when they can. Why doesn’t BEAT take on getting this into the schools. Can we get Teddy Altreuder to work to disseminate the information. This is not solely about straws, It includes all single use plastics.

  • Coastal Day of Action

    • Establish Key People

      • Who will volunteer

    • Two Pieces of material

    • Script to read

    • Petition to sign

    • Fact Sheet

  • Joe, send Greg your photo and bio

  • Has the Board determined if Past Presidents section (Jan and Neil) could/should be added to the Board page

    • Consensus is to let the sleeping dog lie for a while longer.

  • Need to set a next General Meeting in September 13th at 6:30pm. At BEMC. And quarterly thereafter.

    • Show the Straws movie. Set up a speaker.

    • Set up sign in and dues.

    • Need Committee leaders in attendance to present reports and update on activities.

    • Need to elect a board member to replace Mike and a secretary.

    • We need to create a Communications committee

  • Treasurers Report

  • Land Committee report on Navassa. Spoke on the Stakeholders meeting. Nevassa now has an exit on I-140 and now they are going to start getting more attention. They are the Northernmost Gullah community. We would love to have someone from that group to join our group. There is one Supersite and four brown sites in the area.

Next Meeting

Date | time: August 27th, 2018 at BEMC 6:30pm

Motion to adjourn was made at 20:10 by Dan, seconded by Dwight.

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