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BEAT Meeting Minutes

June 25, 2018  


The meeting was called to order by Pete Key.

In Attendance: Tom Goodwin, Meghan Karg, Jennifer Swift, Pete Key

Approval of Minutes: The Minutes were read from the April 30th  meeting and approved.

Agenda Items

  • Liability Insurance

    • Tom said, Coastal Insurance couldn’t find anyone that would cover us. BBT offered two plans $500-$1500/yr… Applications need to be submitted.

  • Dues

    • $10 Dues? Need a membership role. Meghan volunteered to segregate the spreadsheet. The only members we have are the ones who paid so far. Jennifer, “Put out a message that membership dues are due at the next meeting.” Check off

  • 501c3 discussion, including Do’s and Dont’s

  • Jink's Creek Dredging Campaign, Rent the Planetarium and have Hilderman to speak. Corbin, Cerrato are for it, Jan is against.

  • Malec Brothers Update

  • Commissioners Meeting Campaign

  • Straws Campaign

    • Waste Committee has met with other group

  • Coastal Day of Action

    • Establish Key People

      • Who will volunteer

    • Two Pieces of material

    • Script to read

    • Petition to sign

    • Fact Sheet

  • Joe, send Greg your photo and bio

  • Has the Board determined if Past Presidents section (Jan and Neil) could/should be added to the Board page

    • Concensus is to let the sleeping dog lie for a while longer.

  • Need to set a next General Meeting

    • Show the Straws movie

    • Set up sign in and dues

Motion to adjourn was made at 9:00 p.m. and was passed unanimously.

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