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Richard Hilderman

Neil Gilbert

Jan Harris

Sandy Ford

Dwight Willis

Ted Janes

Kathy Desiderio


The meeting was called to order at 10:30 a.m. by Richard Hilderman.


A discussion was held with respect to establishing the purpose and goals of the board including:


1)  Selecting a treasurer and secretary

2)  Determine the frequency and next dates for the board to meet

3)   501 (C) (3)

4)  By-laws

5)  Expand the Board

6)  Chairman or President/Co-President(s)

7)  Mission and vision statements



Following a brief discussion, Jan Harris agreed to be the Treasurer and Kathy Desiderio agreed to be the Secretary.  Jan suggested that the position of Chairman be changed to President and she further called for establishing Co-Presidents with duties divided.  One Co President would largely be responsible for Education/Science and the other Co-President would handle membership and community outreach.

It was agreed that having Co-Presidents would be more effective and would not unduly burden any one person.  A vote was held on the positions.  The board voted that Richard Hilderman serve as Co-President for Education and Science and Neil Gilbert be Co-President of membership and community outreach.

The votes were done by paper and carried 10-2.


A discussion was held with respect to the frequency of general membership meetings, as well as, working sessions for the Board.  It was agreed that a general membership meeting should be held in abeyance until such time as the board has had time to develop and/or amend the By-Laws, mission, and vision statements.  In addition, the 501  (C) (3)  status needs to be updated.  It is hoped that a general membership meeting will be scheduled for the early fall.  It was stressed that several events will be held and that the general membership is encouraged to participate and assist with the events.  


Following further discussion and a review of each member’s availability, the Interim Board agreed to hold working sessions twice a month to ensure the completion of BEAT’s infrastructure.  All parties agreed to hold the next two working board sessions on July 5 and 26th at 10:00 a.m. at Brunswick Electric and if such location is unavailable the meeting will be hosted by Dwight Willis in Holden Beach.  The agenda for the next meeting includes:  501 (C) (3); amendments to the By-Laws; and expansion of the board.




On June 27th at 6 p.m. there will be a showing of the film ‘Sonic Sea’ which was underwritten by OCEANA.   However, BEAT will be hosting the event at Brunswick Community College and OCEANA is lending support to our cause.  There will be four tables:  one for BEAT membership, donations, and sign-in for the evening event; Oceana will have an information table; and BEAT will have two tables for refreshments.  Jan Harris will be in charge of organizing the refreshment tables.  It was stressed that no petitions are permitted at this event and to be mindful that this is a non-partisan organization and as such the event is non-partisan too.

A motion was made by Ted Janes and seconded by Neil Gilbert  to accept filing the application with Brunswick Community College to show the film on June 27, 2017, at 6 p.m.  The motion was unanimously carried.


Sandy Ford noted that the Board hopes to show the film in other locations.  Therefore, she indicated that she has reserved the Leland Library for July 8th for the purpose of showing the film ‘Sonic Sea’.  Richard Hilderman will check to see if Randy Sturgill of OCEANA is available on that date and plans will proceed from there.




Richard Hilderman and Neil Gilbert also outlined a meeting held on June 6, 2017, by a BEAT sub-committee for the purpose of planning the Press Conference/Pep Rally in opposition to Off-shore drilling event.  The sub-committee is hoping to schedule the event to take place on July 17, with a rain-date of July 18th at Sunset Beach Park.  It is important to hold the event in the morning on a weekday to maximize media exposure.  They are reducing the number of speakers at the event but expanding the amount of time each speaker will have to address the crowd.  OCEANA has agreed to include BEAT under their umbrella liability insurance for this event.  Therefore, we must finalize dates so that OCEANA’s corporate headquarters has ample time to underwrite the insurance policy.  Proposed speakers include:  Deb Butler, Dr. Kyle Horton, County Commissioner Mike Forte, Erin Carey - Coastal Coordinator from the Sierra Club, Mad Polera - Cape Fear River Watch and March for Science, and possibly a representative from North Carolina Coastal Federation.  The sub-committee would also like to include a spokesperson from the Town of Sunset Beach.  Neil Gilbert will emcee the event and ensure that all affiliated groups are duly recognized.


A motion was moved by Ted Janes and seconded by Sandy Ford to book July 17 for the Pep Rally with July 18th as a rain-date.  



501(3) C:


Jan Harris reiterated that the 501 (3)C status is still held in the name of the Brunswick Environmental Action Team.  She indicated that she will contact the state to determine if there is anything further that requires action on our part and, if so, we will act accordingly.  Jan expects to apprise the board of any determinations by the next meeting.




Ted Janes presented a copy of the draft by-laws and indicated that much of the language is boiler plate legal requirements.  He also noted that we may have to file paper work with the county with respect to a person of register.  It was agreed that the by-laws would be distributed to the board for comments and said comments will be directed to Ted via email so that he can offer explanations where needed.  Jan Harris will also try to locate an original copy of the by-laws so that we can compare the two drafts with the goal of establishing a comprehensive set of By-laws.




A desire to have a broader representation of residents from Brunswick County was discussed.  Dwight Willis suggested that we look to local groups such as Brunswick Catch, the Turtle Program, and farmers since many of these groups have goals that would be aligned with ours.  Efforts to broaden the number of representatives on the board will continue.




  1. Ted Janes suggested that we purchase a banner for events and he agreed to offset any cost for the banner.  Jan Harris noted that she has one banner, and following further discussion, agreed to purchase another banner.

  2. Neil Gilbert noted that Shingletree #2 Precinct is hosting a meeting on June 23rd at 9:00 a.m. at Sunrise Pancake House in Calabash.  All are invited to attend.  Jan Harris and Neil Gilbert will be speaking at the breakfast.

  3. Teddy Altreuter’s request to write a grant for BEAT for education programs and supplies was discussed.  It was agreed that Jan Harris will work with Teddy to provide guidance as needed.  Richard Hilderman will notify Teddy.


Neil Gilbert moved and Jan Harris seconded the motion to move forward with writing a grant.






Dwight Willis moved and Sand Ford seconded to adjourn the meeting.  The motion was unanimously carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 1:10 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Kathryn Desiderio




(Held at 1219 Fence Post Lane, Carolina Shores, NC)

June 9, 2017

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