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Environmental Lobbying in D.C. on November 14-15, 2017

Ten BEAT members travelled from Brunswick County to Washington DC on November 15 to lobby on Capitol Hill on behalf of the Marine Mammals Protection Act. The BEAT contingent met with Congressmen Rouzer and Butterfield and with the legislative assistants of Senators Burr and Tillis. Shortly after meeting with the staffers, the Senators announced their opposition to President Trump's nominee to the Environmental Protection Agency. In addition to meeting environmentalists from all over the country the BEAT team was treated to a private tour of the United States Capitol.

THE BEAT CREW IN DC: Left to right: Sandy Ford, Kristen Colleran, Bruce Holsten,  Mary Baggett, Barbara Kucinski-Gilbert, Dwight Willis, Neil Gilbert, Becky Willis, Pete Key, Beth Key

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