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Beat Mission and Vision Statements

 Core Values

     Our Mission Statement:


The Brunswick Environmental Action Team (BEAT) believes stewardship of our environment is everyone’s responsibility. BEAT exists as a resource to educate about the environment, elevate awareness about environmental issues, and advocate for conservation and preservation of the natural environment.

     Our Vision Statement:

Brunswick County communities embrace conservation and protection of the environment as core values in personal, business, and governmental decision making. The objective is to enhance, preserve, and maintain the Brunswick County living experience.

Our Core Values:

1.   We are a nonpartisan, apolitical organization that focuses on the environment.

2.   We believe in the importance of using scientific data and explanation in understanding the environment and environmental issues.

3.   We are an all-volunteer organization that values the ideas and concerns of each member.

4.   We strive to maintain collegial relationships within the organization and to acknowledge the contributions of each volunteer.

5.   Our membership and board meetings are open to anyone.

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