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Participating in Navassa Superfund Site

Community Workshop on February 23-24, 2018

On February 23 and 24, Dr. Dwight Willis, Dale Todd, George Yu, participated in a Navassa Superfund Site Community Workshop. They were warmly welcomed and introduced to all of the central players. Individuals attending the workshop were given in advance important materials to read about superfund sites and brown fields. In addition to meeting the officers of the NCEERC, our BEAT members were able to interact with Mayor Willis, Dr. Roger Shew from UNCW, Nick Jimenez (Southern Environmental Law Center), and staff from the DEQ and EPA.


Dr. Shew, LaTonya Nixon-Beatty, and Chris Graham, are planning a special session for BEAT board members and BEAT committee members to bring us up to speed on the Navassa situation and provide us a tour of the superfund site and the 5 brown fields.    

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