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(Held at Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation)

795 Ocean Highway West, Supply, NC)

November 6, 2017

Members present: Dr. Kristen Colleran, Sandy Ford, Dan George, Neil Gilbert, Ted Janes (Face Time), Pete Key, Anne Neely, Dale Todd, Dr. Dwight Willis


Also in attendance: Teddy Altreuter


The meeting was called to order at 6:30 BEAT President Neil Gilbert.


The Treasurer’s Report was approved as presented.


The minutes of the previous meetings were approved as presented.

Pete Key was approved for becoming a member of the Interim Board of Directors. Welcome Pete! We are still looking for someone from Navassa to serve on the Board.

The Beat Mission and Vision Statements were approved.

The Beat Bylaws were approved with the condition that we meet with Jan's attorney for consultation regarding the conflict-of-interest, indemnification, and harassment articles.


Kristen is going to contact the County Commissioners and School Board to invite them to hear Dr. Cahoon’s presentation. Prior to the event, Neil is going to send out a mass mailing to the membership reminding them of the event and asking them to consider a list of committees to join. There will be sign-up sheets as people enter the room for Dr. Cahoon’s presentation. The evening of Dr. Cahoon as people enter the meeting room there will be sign up sheets for all of the committees. Neil will welcome the attendees and Kristen will introduce Dr. Cahoon. Nobody is allowed to mention the "P" word.


Please refer to Neil's email summarizing the Greenpeace weekend.

Everyone was happy with our new BEAT brochure. Teddy took a photo of last night's attendees for next brochure. We are always looking for ways to improve our publicity.

Neil distributed a list of committees with names of chairpersons. We agreed to add a "Speakers Bureau" committee to the list.

People like the BEAT Business cards that were made by Barbara Stanley. You have 2 options: 1: you can contact Barbara Stanley and order your own cards or 2: You can pretend to be Neil Gilbert and use his cards. Please no phone calls at 3 in the morning.

Kristen will contact Paige Marcisano to invite her to Dr. Cahoon's presentation and to one of our Board meetings so she can discuss with us her plans for making a film to promote BEAT. 

Dan presented his plans for a Coastal Cleanup tournament between Brunswick, New Hanover, and Horry Counties. The Board voted unanimously to proceed with the plans. 

Pete, Dwight, and Dale are going to work on a BEAT Issue Statement regarding Solar Farms in Brunswick County. Neil will then send a mass mailing encouraging BEAT members to attend the November 20 County Commissioners meeting. 

Sandy and Neil talked about BEAT presenting at each of the county's 3 Newcomers Club.

Hot Topics is interested in having BEAT as their featured group, but that will not be until May at the earliest.

Kristen, Dwight, Pete, and Neil are looking forward to lobbying for the MMPA in Washington next week.

Kristen is organizing a noon lunch at the Cosmic Cafe (aka Causeway Gourmet) with our friends to the south at Grand Strand Action Together at noon on December 9.

BEAT will assist the Warrior Women in sponsoring the Hands Across the Sand event on May 19.

Neil is working on a committee headed up by Melissa Warren on a Rockin Democracy event for Brunswick County. Neil will be organizing an "Environmental Row" featuring every environmental group form Brunswick, New Hanover, and Horry County.

Since we have the Dr. Cahoon event on December 18, the next Board meeting will be in early January.

The next general membership meeting will be in January some time following the January Board meeting.

Kudos to Sandy and Jan for running for their respective Town Councils. BEAT is proud of you!

Respectfully submitted,

Neil Gilbert, President and Meeting's Recording Secretary

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