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BEAT Board Meeting Minutes

October 15, 2018  


The meeting was called to order by Pete Key.

Members Present:  Pete Key, Dan George, Tom Goodwin, Neil Gilbert, Teddy Altreuter, Greg Weiss, Ted Janes (via FaceTime), Dwight Willis


President Key read the minutes from the previous meeting.  Minutes were accepted as read on a unanimous vote. 


Old Business:

  1. Pete and Tom will work on setting up a PayPal account for BEAT in order to accept BEAT memberships on our web page. 

  2. Greg Weiss has resigned as BEAT webmaster because of his new duties as Mayor of Sunset Beach.  We have had no responses to our previous requests for a new webmaster.  It was suggested that we try to find a high school or college student to serve as webmaster as a community service project.

  3. BEAT is now officially a 501(c)3 organization.  In order to receive the Oak Grant from Oceana we need to complete and submit the IRS 990 form to Oceana.  Tom agreed to submit this form as soon as possible.  We are hopeful that the $5,000 grant will be sent to us in the very near future.

  4. The Board unanimously agreed to create a page on the BEAT website to recognize previous BEAT presidents (Jan Harris, Richard Hilderman, and Neil Gilbert). 


New Business:

  1. The Board agreed to send “Thank You” notes to everyone involved in the Barrier Islands Presentation at Seaside United Methodist Church in Sunset Beach on October 4.  The Board will send notes to the following people: Neil Gilbert, Jan Harris, Ruth Reynolds, Janet Jonas, Shirley Owen, Richard Hilderman, Len Pietrafesa, Seaside UMC (Stephanie Riley, Minister of Spiritual Formation, and Kathleen Thompson, Administrative Assistant) and Kerri Allen, Coastal Federation.  Ted agreed to write and send the notes. 

  2. The Board agreed to re-schedule the general membership meeting that was canceled on September 13 due to Hurricane Florence to either November 13 or November 14 depending on the availability of the BEMC Public Meeting Room.  Jen will find out if the Straws Movie is available on those evenings. 

  3. BEAT has been invited to provide a 1-hour program for Hot Topics on January 22 by their leader, Cheryl Watts Fulton.  The Board agreed to accept this invitation.  Presenters will meet with Cheryl at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 22 at the St. James Community Building.  The program will begin at 7:00 p.m.  Neil has a PowerPoint presentation that has been used at previous presentations that we can update and revise.  We will need to decide who will make the presentation and what content we want to present. 

  4. The Board invited Neil to rejoin the Board after his 10-month absence from the Board.

  5. Tom presented the Financial Report.   With Teddy’s assistance we agreed to move several items from the General Fund to the St. Elizabeth Mission Society Grant Fund.  Teddy will resubmit the grant report to the Sisters.  The balance in the grant account is $1,20012.  The balance in the general fund account is $634.09.  After these changes were made Dwight moved and Dan seconded and the Board adopted the report unanimously. 

  6. The Board agreed to reduce the price of BEAT T-Shirts from $18 down to $15. 

  7. Dan proposed that BEAT become involved in a coalition of environmental groups to work on CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) issues.  The Board authorized Dan to represent BEAT on this coalition. 


Minutes submitted by Dwight Willis, Acting Secretary.

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