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(Held at Backstreet Cafe,

1780 Chandlers Lane, Unit 7, Sunset Beach, NC)

October 24, 2017

Members present: Kristen Colleran, Sandy Ford, Dan George, Neil Gilbert, Ted Janes, Dale Todd, Greg Weiss, Dwight Willis


Also in attendance: Teddy Altreuter, Bill Altreuter


The informal meeting/dinner was called to order at 5:30 BEAT President Neil Gilbert.


Appreciation was expressed to Steve for his understanding and graciousness regarding the cancellation. Neil presented him with a BEAT t-shirt and made him an honorary BEAT member.


Board members reflected on the necessary postponement of Dr. Cahoon’s presentation, expressed concern for his health, and discussed arrangements for re-scheduling him and for planning future speakers.


Much discussion led to the following proposed upcoming schedule:


  • Friday to Sunday (Oct. 27th to 29th) (Wilmington) – Greenpeace Weekend

  • Monday, Nov. 6th @ 6:30 p.m. (BEMC) – BEAT Board meeting

  • Thursday, Dec. 7th or Monday, Dec. 11th or Tuesday, Dec. 12th @ (TBD) (BEMC) – Dr. Cahoon’s presentation to BEAT membership

  • Saturday, Dec. 9th @ (TBD) (OIB/this area- possibly Causeway Gourmet) – Meeting with Grand Strand Action Together

  • Mid-December @ (TBD) (location TBD) – BEAT Board meeting; meeting followed by mass mailing to membership summarizing the year announcing committee sign-ups

  • January @ (TBD) (BEMC) – General membership meeting


Neil reported on the successful BCC event at his house; Dwight reported on the Cousteau-Hofmeister debate on offshore drilling; Greg reported on the meeting with representatives from Grand Strand Action Together; and Neil, Dwight, and Kristen discussed the Oceana lobbying days (Nov. 14-15) with Congressional representatives.


Encouragement was provided for Board slackers to join Slack; for Board reps to meet with Les Tubbs, Brunswick County Superintendent of Schools about schools’ environmental curriculum; for Greg and Ted to complete the by-laws draft; and to accept invitations to speak at area Newcomers Clubs.


Neil announced progress in committee assignments for Board members and some general members, and everyone expressed intent to get these groups up and running soon (especially the Events Committee).


Those who imbibed offered praise for Neil’s limoncello.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Greg Weiss

Acting Recording Secretary

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