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(Held at Backstreet Cafe,

1780 Chandlers Lane, Unit 7, Sunset Beach, NC)

October 4, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by BEAT President Neil Gilbert.



Nina Marable and Teddy Altreuter did a great job of explaining the Grant process and the Objectives. We are all excited about this. Education is a key component of the Grant money.




The Board decided to form a committee to research and develop ideas for spending the grant money. The committee members will be Nina, Dwight, Kristen, Anne, Greg, and Neil


Minutes of the three previous meetings were unanimously approved. Greg can now post them on the website.


Jan's Treasurer's Report was unanimously approved.


Dr. Nina Marable and Dan George were unanimously appointed to the BEAT Board of Directors.

A discussion followed about the need to get Board members from Navassa, St. James, and Southport. Perhaps even a liaison from New Hanover and Horry Counties.


There were no volunteers to be Recording Secretary.

Discussion of Mission Statement was tabled to next meeting. Best to discuss with Greg present.

Discussion of By-Laws was tabled to next meeting. Best to discuss with Greg present. 


Much time was spent on discussing the dredging of Jinks Creek. Nina and Ted are going to work on statements and a letter writing campaign / petition to get BEAT members more actively involved.

Kristen reviewed and supplied a handout regarding Dr. Cahoon's presentation on Gen X and drinking water. She emphasized the need for the southern end of the County to hear Dr. Cahoon speak.


Neil thanked the BEAT Board for allowing him to speak to the Brunswick Board of Education as President of BEAT regarding safe drinking water in our schools. 


Dale reviewed what has been taking place at the Gen X round tables. We are thankful to Dale and Sandy for representing BEAT at these important discussions.


Neil brought up partnering with other groups now that we have gained popularity. We know from experience that partnering with the WW and OCEANA is good policy, but, when possibilities emerge to partner with other groups, we need to do a vetting process. A group of us are meeting with GSAT on October 21.


Open Air Burning is a topic of concern to be addressed at a later time.


Neil would like to have an evening event with Peg Howell and Joan Furlong of SODA some time after Thanksgiving.


Kristen mentioned that Dr Cahoon has been booked for the evening of Wednesday, October 18 at the Backstreet Cafe. This is going to be a great event for BEAT.


Kristen mentioned how we have 16 BEAT volunteers "staffing" the table at the Sunset at Sunset event on October 7. BEAT Board members who will be present are Kristen, Anne, and Neil. It was suggested that next year we should look into taking part in the Leland Founder's Day Festival and the Holden Beach Festival By the Sea.


SLACK - Kristen, Dale, and Neil are convinced that we can improve our lines of communication by using SLACK. They use it with Stand Up Brunswick and it has been an excellent tool for communicating. Trust me, we are going to teach you how to become Slackers.




It appears that the majority of our members were fine with holding meetings in the evening. Tuesday and Wednesday evenings seemed to be the best nights. Neil will send out a separate e-mail soliciting dates for the next BOARD Meeting.

Neil Gilbert

Acting Recording Secretary

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