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Speaking to Brunswick County Commissioners to

Express Opposition to Offshore Drilling on February 19, 2018

At 6:00 p.m. the meeting of the Brunswick County Commissioners commenced, and 30 minutes were allowed for public comments. All of the comments addressed offshore drilling. Six speakers (all members of BEAT) expressed opposition to offshore drilling, and four speakers expressed support. (Parenthetical note: Once again, the BEAT members provided issue-oriented comments. Unfortunately, all four of the pro-drilling speakers engaged in name-calling and insulting drilling opponents. One pro-driller stated that those opposed to drilling were committing "political extortion" by showing up en masse to the meeting.")


The pro-drillers shared a variety of reasons for their support including the importance of energy independence, the safety of offshore drilling, and not allowing the "ultra-leftist environmental movement" to get its way. One speaker stated that God would not have placed oil and gas deep under the ocean unless he meant for us to use it. She also proclaimed that all of the commissioners had a duty to support offshore drilling because it is in the Republican Party platform. The final pro-drilling speaker was an oil lobbyist recruited by pro-drillers for the occasion.


Those opposed to offshore drilling discussed the fact that Carteret County and Brunswick County appear to be the only coastal communities along the East Coast not to oppose drilling and that every municipality in Brunswick County that has considered the issue has voted its concerns or outright opposition; that offshore drilling still carries significant risks to the environment, coastal economies, tourism, and fishing; that seismic blasting does do harm to marine life at all stages; and that we need to emphasize pursuit of renewable energy sources. In contrast to the speaker who believed her religion compelled seismic blasting and offshore drilling, Pete Key shared how his religious beliefs led him to protect the natural environment and to oppose drilling.

For more information about the meeting, please click on the button to see Brian Slattery's review in the Brunswick Beacon

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