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Speaking to DAQ/DEQ in Columbus County to Express Opposition to Permitting the Use of the Highly Toxic Methyl Bromide Near a School and Several Communities on May 3, 2018

Photo: Sybil Burgess Murray

Sybil Burgess Murray's Facebook posting of the Public Comments session: (

Well they didn't think that the public hearing on locating a log fumigation plant which uses the toxic and persistent methyl bromide would be such a big deal! However, people were pouring in when I got to Acme-Delco school! I put my BEAT T-shirt on and entered a packed school cafeteria! The pros and cons were presented to the Dept of Environ Quality and the "cons" definitely won. So many people were there that the Fire Marshal shut us down! Then DEQ moved us to the gym and the company officials went home!


So many good points were made that the DEQ is scheduling another meeting. Here are a few of the points that I want to share.


   (1) Why locate in Delco when methyl bromide fumigation banned in so many places? Could it be that the company just did not think these "country" people knew what was going on? SURPRISE!


   (2) According to local loggers (one who spoke and the other I chatted with) they don't have to kill the beetles with the methyl bromide, they can just strip the bark off. It just takes a few more workers!


   (3) One of my former students, also a chemist and chemical industry supervisor spoke and said "duct tape and sand bags is not environmental control!" and that she would never subject her employees to the kind of working conditions proposed. (I am so proud of her!)


   (4) Brunswick Environmental Action Team (BEAT) was represented by Dwight Frederick Willis in his normal eloquent manner. Others that spoke were from all races, professions, ages and faiths. Not your "hippie" "tree hugging" types here. The Delco community is heavily invested in logging, but about 200 of them came together tonight to demand that the logs be "debugged" in a way that keeps their children safe. These ARE my people, my neighbors across the river. I have known some of them for 30 years. They are country, plain-spoken Americans and they are NOT going to be played for fools! We will see each other at round two!

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