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Participation in Sunset at Sunset

in Sunset Beach on October 7, 2017

BEAT has a strong desire to meet with members of our communities and is enthusiastic about participating in annual local festivals. Our first venture of this type was participation in Sunset at Sunset, an annual end-of-the-season festival in Sunset Beach. Kristen Colleran did much of the advance work necessary to secure our spot, and Kristen and Neil organized the day.


Barbara Stanley and her granddaughter Livia provided special face painting and sea creature tattooing for our interested visitors. Kristen supervised our set-up crew/first shift, which consisted of herself, Marilyn Capretta, Denise Donnelly, Cheryl Goodwin, Cherie LoPresti, Rich LoPresti, and Linda Rudick. Anne Neely organized and participated in the middle shift that also included Teddy Altreuter, Nina Marable, and Alda Taveras. Neil Gilbert supervised and participated in our final shift/take-down crew along with Barbara Kucinski-Gilbert and Linda Eastman. Great volunteers all!


BEAT volunteers introduced lots of people to our organization, introduced our new banner (wonderful work by Barbara Stanley), gave away lots of our flyers, sold lots of t-shirts and decals, and added to our membership list. A great day!

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