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Helping BEAT

Stay Informed

Keep informed about environmental issues in your area and throughout Brunswick County. Good sources of information are:                                                     


  • The Brunswick Beacon

  • Your local government’s website (check the contact page on this site for its address)

  • The North Carolina Coastal Federation website (

  • Coastal  Review Online - the online publication of the North Carolina Coastal Federation

  • Attend speakers, films, and other local events that provide information

  • The BEAT facebook page

  • This BEAT website!

Be an Advocate

The natural environment needs your voice! Talking to friends, acquaintances, and neighbors about the importance of protecting our environment is one of the most important things that any of us can do. Most communities have at least some people who seem to spend most of their time thinking about ways that they can make money by harming the environment. They are often very focused, have friends among decision-makers, and will stop at nothing. If those of us who love and care about the environment don't speak on its behalf, who will?


If you are willing, share your values and thoughts with local and state elected officials. Often, their position on issues can be influenced if they see that many people in the community really support or oppose a particular decision or policy. Personal contact is great, but so is a phone call, an e-mail message, or even a tweet.


There are many wonderful organizations throughout Brunswick County that promote conservation of the natural environment. Some are general interest groups and some focus on particular aspects of the environment, but all appreciate members and can use more volunteers! The more who join, and the more who volunteer, the more that can be done and the more influence we can have. For example, BEAT would love to have you as a member, a volunteer, and a participant or attendee at our events. We want you!                                                     


Want to join BEAT? Click here for a membership form:  


Membership Dues: When you become a member of BEAT, your dues are used carefully and conscientiously to support activities and events that support our mission to educate, elevate awareness, and help advocate for responsible and caring environmental decision making. As a non-profit organization, your membership dues to BEAT are tax deductible.

Gift Memberships: Giving a gift membership to someone who is interested in the natural environment and in protecting the environment and our coastal areas can be a thoughtful and meaningful gift. As a non-profit organization, your gift membership dues to BEAT are tax deductible.

Student Memberships: BEAT realizes the up-and-coming generations are extremely important in educating, elevating awareness, and advocating for our natural environment. We enthusiastically accept secondary and college students in our membership and offer a reduced membership fee for them. 


Donations/contributions: Your tax-deductible donation to BEAT provides important financial support for our work in helping to protect our natural environment here in Brunswick County and ensuring that we live in a healthy and beautiful community. Donations support our mission to educate, elevate awareness, and help advocate for responsible and caring environmental decision making.

Click here to donate:

Your membership dues, gift memberships, and donations are used efficiently by BEAT. We are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization. All of the money that comes in is

used to sponsor environmentally-related activities and events.

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