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Participation in Women's Equality Day

in Southport on August 26, 2017

     BEAT sponsored a table at "Women's Equality Day" in Franklin Park in Southport on Saturday the 26th. The event was an interesting and well-planned (way to go Dr. Kristen Colleran) celebration in honor of the 19th Amendment to the constitution granting women the right to vote. It included a series of speakers each chatting about some aspect of women's long road to genuine equality in the United States. BEAT volunteers (Neil Gilbert, Barbara Kucinski-Gilbert, Dale and Debbie Todd, Anne Neely, Greg Weiss, and Janet Jonas) met lots of terrific people, signed up many for our mailing list, gave away lots of Gen-X-free BEAT water, and sold BEAT merchandise. It was also an opportunity to network with other groups in attendance like Oceana, Coastal Water Watch, Indivisible Warrior Women, the League of Women Voters, the NAACP, and Planned Parenthood. 

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